Forex Copy Trading

What is Copy Trading ?

It is a social trading platform that enables traders to automatically duplicates positions opened by strategy managers in our trading community. When we make lots of profits you make lots of profit too , and the opposite is true. Topnotch AC trading is a community of expert traders , Invest on our Strategy and earn like a Pro .

Get 70% of your capital in 30 days through our copy trade services.

Cop forex trading growth with Top Notch AC Trading

Those who wish to participate in Forex trading or to earn themselves an extra income yet they have no experience or are not confident with trading for themselves can consider our copy trading services.

Once you register for trading account, make the most of your Forex investment by choosing our Strategy Manager who shares your trading objectives and use their strategies. Follow and monitor their performance, and watch your potential profits grow.

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Our Trusted Forex Copy Trading Partners

Fx Farm is a financial market investment opportunity, run by expert and reputable traders with a clean and transparent track record .

Fxfarms is invoved in the trading of forex, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency etc
The main focus for now being the forex market and they have experts and artificial intelligent softwares they use in making this happen.

Fxfarm offers opportunity for everyone to be an investor. Fxfarms offers you a return on investment of 1.5 – 2.45% daily for 120 to 150 days depending your package. So with as little as $25 you can become an investor with Fxfarm with the base pack.
You can Choose your package from the variety list depending on your affordability and success appetite

FX Farm Investment Packages

FXTM Trading Broker Partner For Top Notch AC Trading

 Minimum investment  –  $100

 Maximum  investment  –  As much as you are willing to lose

 Great choice of account types

 Fast deposits and widthdrawals

 250 trading instruments

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FBS Forex Trading Partner For Top Notch AC Trading

 Initial deposit as little as $5

 Commissions are covered by FBS

 5 Digits precision for all accounts

 Different trading account types to choose from.

 Highest leverage on the market

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